Monday, November 17, 2008

Get Hot And Frothy! Capresso FrothXpress.

I love hot cocoa. I hate to mix up a cup with boiled water. Nothing beats the richness of steamed milk. I tested out the FrothXpress and I must admit, I loved the concept but quickly became agitated with the machine. Now before I go on, I want you to know that all that changed. There seems to be a learning curve and after getting the hang of it, the machine is earning a permanent spot on the counter.
Turn frothXpress on and let heat up for two minutes. Fill water container and fill the milk container and attach to the frothXpress. Place your cup underneath spout. Push and hold the Safety Steam Button. Immediately, frothXpress releases hot frothed milk. Release the Safety Steam Button. frothXpress continues to froth for approximately 2 to 8 seconds to de-pressurize the machine. Remove your cup and repeat steps 4 through 6 with as many cups as you want.
Store the milk container in refrigerator and clean frother parts under running water. Add coffee to your cup(s) and enjoy.
Features and Benefits
Safety Steam Button. Child Safety. When "frother assembly" is detached from machine, steam output is automatically blocked off. Adjustable milk temperature (120° to 170°F). Stainless Steel ThermoBlock (no water or steam come in contact with aluminum). Thermostat keeps system in stand-by for immediate frothing. 1220 Watt power for continuous action. Removable water container for easy filling. Can process up to 30 oz. of milk without refilling water container. Great for producing hot, frothy chocolate. On/Off and Thermostat indicator lights. Complete with external milk container. Easy to clean frother assembly. Available in black only
How Things Work
Safety Steam Release: After you release the Safety Steam Button the frothXpress still has a bit of pressure inside the thermoblock system. It will continue to release this pressure. As a result there will be a bit more steamed/frothed milk coming through the system. Once you have tried a couple of times you know to release the button just a bit early to get exactly the amount of steamed/frothed milk you like. Milk Temperature-For maximum flow-through of milk the knob of the frother assembly sits parallel to the joint. When turning the knob slightly, the flow of milk is slowed down and the steam can increase the milk temperature.
I have read many reviews online. Don't believe everything you read. Patience, and a little advice will have you frothing in no time. Since I love cocoa so much and that is how I tested the machine, we should start there. The booklet advises you to mix your cocoa powder with milk first. If you have ever tried to do this with most mixes, you will know this is almost impossible. I used a mixer and still had lumps. Then you pour the mixture into the milk container that comes with the machine. Make sure you have tight connections, this is very important. Turn the machine on. The cocoa mixture began to clog the tubing.I began adjusting the flow and my connections did not stay tight. After almost giving up, I used the extra tubing without the milk container. I allowed the extra tubing to draw the mixture from another cup. I'm glad I did! It did not clog and it worked like a charm. I could easily adjust the flow to make the cocoa hotter, and filling my cup was quick! Another tip would be to use chocolate milk, or chocolate powdered mix dissolved in milk because that mixes well with cold milk. After filling the milk container with chocolate milk, you will not have any problem with clogs. If you are simply steaming milk, this unit is wonderful. As I said before, just make sure your connections are tight. Clean up is quick and easy! Visit and enjoy delicious beverages with the FrothXpress! It was fun to use and after my initial run, I had no difficulty at all!

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