Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The DreamStarter Book

Bedtime stories are a nightly ritual in my home. I usually end up reading the same stories over and over again. When I discovered The DreamStarter Book by Jennifer Karin Sidford, I was intrigued. Why not let my son tell me a story? It's a brilliant idea! 50 wonderful story starters! You and your child can read the starters together. The starters will give you just enough of a story to get your child's imagination going. It's up to your child to decide the middle and the end! With starters titled The Underwater City and The Secret Door, there no limit to what might happen. With a wonderful turn of events, the plot will thicken. Your child will take you on many journeys. Enjoy listening to the stories unfold! There's magic in storytelling, and you can see it on your child's face as adventures are told. You will fall in love with this book as it inspires your child's creativity. No two stories will ever be the same. Bedtime will be more fun, and you will not have any trouble getting your little ones to bed! Visit or for more information.

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