Monday, November 17, 2008

Bonn Bonn Baby, Making Life Easier!

Imagine life easier. Easier for you and your baby. Bonn Bonn Baby created the ONLY baby and toddler product line to offer clothing and accessories made with a patented antimicrobial, wicking fabric. The unique fabric kills over 650 strains of germs and pulls moisture away from baby's delicate skin.

When my youngest was drooling, I did tons of extra laundry. It was hard to keep him dry, day or night. I wish I had known about these products then. How many times has your baby soaked through a diaper in the night, and ended up with wet sheets? This will not happen with Bonn Bonn Baby sheets. And those early diaper changes, before you discovered the automatic sprinkler when the diaper comes off? The changing pad cover will stay dry! And forget about the germs. Bonn Bonn Baby will protect your baby because the unique material uses a patented antimicrobial technology which kills bacteria, mold and fungi, including odors. The amazing wicking moisture control system keeps baby happy by going from wet and uncomfortable to dry and soft in just minutes.

Visit for a happier, healthier baby! You will find a great selection of sheets, blankets, tees and onesies, bibs, and changing pad covers. Bonn Bonn Baby really will save you time, and make your life a whole lot easier.

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