Monday, November 17, 2008

Your Skinn Knows The Difference Between Night And Day.

I love trying new products, and I'm always a little curious to see what will come out next. Cosmetic companies are always trying to tell us what we need, and that usually involves big bucks and a lot of advertising. Then we think we need it, until the next product comes out. I was excited to see that Dimitri James figured it out. Our skin goes through different phases, and what it does at night is very different from what it does during the day. So many companies offer a day product and a night product, but as far as I can tell, the only difference is that the night product is a little heavier. How many companies formulate products based on night and day skin functions, and then put it together for us in a nice little package? Only one that I can think of, Skinn! Aging causes our skin to forget how to bounce back. Our skin begins to look tired and heavy. Now we can fight aging with Nutri-Lift™ Day Time Ultra Lifting Serum and Nutri-Lift™ Night Time Nourishing Fluid. The combination is the most advanced, comprehensive, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, anti-sagging treatment ever made available! The serums take advantage of your skin's natural day and night functions to visibly re-lift, re-contour, re-firm, and re-smooth your appearance. You look refreshed! As collagen and elastin reservoirs are built up, your face should appear less lined, resurfaced and significantly lifted. Skinn has been consistent, never hit-or-miss. Each product does exactly as promised. I used the day serum as soon as it arrived. As soon as I applied it, I could feel it lifting my skin. I was not left with a film on my face. I have tried various serums before that peeled off by the end of the day. With Nutri-Lift Day Time Ultra Lifting Serum, it went on smoothly without leaving a film. It was absorbed by my skin, and my face was firmer and lifted. That evening I applied the Nutri-Lift Night Time Nourishing Fluid. My skin was hydrated and soft. After waking the next morning, my skin was brighter and I looked well rested, even though I wasn't. It was the perfect pick-me-up after a long night! Restore your skin's memory! Visit!

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