Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wild Dill, Creating Childhood Memories

Pastel Toys creates beautiful wooden toys, soft in color but tough enough for your curious little toddlers. Easy to push, easy to hold, they are handmade in Israel. Softly rounded corners and lead-free water based paints keep your children safe. Soft pastel colors are easy on the eyes and they are beautiful additions to your child's nursery.
Wild Dill makes childhood sweeter. With little wooden horses and helicopters on wheels from Pastel Toys to Biplanes and Firetrucks from Maple Landmark, your children will create special memories to last a lifetime. Quality toys that are built to survive tosses and tumbles. If you are looking for really great clothes for your children Wild Dill has Babysoy, Bacche, Kate Quinn, Pixel Organics to name a few. For nighttime adventures, send your children off to bed with Argington Dinosaur Organic Bedding or the beautiful Pixel Organics Loveliness Bedding Set. Visit!

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