Sunday, October 19, 2008

Gibson Girl Cosmetics. A Natural Treat For The Skin!

If you haven't heard of Gibson Girl Cosmetics, you are really missing out! Everyone in your family will enjoy the healthy benefits of these great products. Leslie's Baby Wipe Concentrate is a soothing mixture that pampers your baby's most sensitive areas. It's safe and gentle, antibacterial, and it has a mild and pleasant scent. It's easy to use and non-drying. A little goes a long way! It also doubles as a great all natural hand sanitizer!
The Olive Oil Face Cream is a wonderful product for mom and baby. It removes make-up, cleanses your skin, and helps with blemishes! It's a fantastic moisturizer, and you will notice a healthy glow. It works wonders on dull, dry skin, so you may want to stock up for the winter. Want to pamper your baby? Forget the diaper rash ointment. Just a touch of this olive oil cream will keep the redness away, leaving baby soft and moisturized.
The Chamomile and Lavender Soap is great! Free of sodium lauryl sulfate, your skin will never feel stripped. Nurture your skin with all natural ingredients, and experience healthier feeling skin instantly. You will be amazed at the difference. This herbal soap makes an excellent shampoo. It adds volume and shine. Also available in Green Tea and Lemongrass, dads will even appreciate the light, subtle scents! To order, visit Inspired Mommy at Leslie products are made to order with no preservatives!

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