Sunday, September 7, 2008

Relief For Teething!

My little one started teething recently. He drools non-stop and always has his fingers, and anything else he can find, in his mouth. I began to wonder what would happen when his rear molars started to bother him. My oldest breezed through the teething stage without much pain or difficulty. It looks like I will not be so lucky this time! Most teethers on the market are to big and bulky to handle the job when it comes to reaching those rear molars. The unique design of the Teethifier is perfect for those hard to reach areas. Made of 100% FDA approved Santoprene, it's safe for your little ones to use. The Teethifier looks very similar to a pacifier, and your baby will instantly recognize it as something to be chewed. It features a shield that keeps the raised "nubby" ends at exactly the right location in the mouth. It is the perfect way to massage those sore gums. For those of you trying to phase out the pacifier, this is a great transitional device! It will guard against possible pallet or orthodontic damage caused by extended pacifier use. Teething is an uncomfortable time, but you can help alleviate the discomfort by heading over to

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