Thursday, September 18, 2008

Quick Change Lilly Pad Toddler Seat Covers!

Have you been introduced to the Lilly Pad Toddler Seat Cover? Well, allow me to make the introductions. Slipping this beautiful cover out of the packaging, and brushing my fingers across the oh so soft material was a wonderful experience. I became a little jealous that my little one would have the pleasure of snuggling up to the luxuriously soft, high-quality, upholstery-grade fabric. The fabric is waterproof! It's machine-washable, dryer safe, and won’t wrinkle, shrink, or fade, and it holds up beautifully with lots of washings! The Lilly Pad slips right over your car seat and the belts slide through a unique system of seams with Velcro closures. Never be inconvenienced by having to remove your car seat or disassemble the seat belts to put on or take off your Lilly Pad Car Seat! It fits most major brands of toddler car seats and it's perfect for refreshing an older seat or adding some personality to a boring seat! Purchase a couple, and you can save yourself a lot of trouble when those inevitable accidents happen. Changing the cover is fast and easy! Many beautiful covers to choose from! We love the beautiful blue of the Pacific Coast Lilly Pad and the gorgeous complimentary piping. Visit and pick up a couple for your little one. Your toddler will be sitting pretty (and surrounded in luxurious softness) with the Lilly Pad! Use coupon code Gerber at checkout to receive 10% off through the end of October.

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