Friday, September 5, 2008

Do You Have An Honest Baby?

If Sam could talk, I know just what he'd say. Apparently, so does honestbaby. He's 5 months old, occasionally cranky, and constantly drooling. We all know what that means. But just in case you don't, there is now a really cool shirt that will clue you in. Honestbaby created the perfect tee, "back off, I'm teething" and it will announce your little one's message to the world. Pure 100% cotton tees in long or short sleeves are available in sizes from newborn through 6 years! They have a nice selection of t-shirts displaying humorous sayings such as "colicky but cute" and "sharing is over-rated." So forget the pinks and blues, and check out some shirts with personality. Have a little fun at and pick up a few!

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