Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Clever Way To Stay Discreet!

When Mother Nature sends her monthly visitor, why not carry your personal items in beautiful little fabric holders available in 13 fabric options? Grab a tote and go, and no one will ever know! The Tampon Tote looks more like a sunglasses holder than a fashionable way to carry your monthly necessities and holds two regular length tampons or four OB type tampons. It is the perfect complement to the Panty Liner Tote, which holds 2 small pads or 4 liners. The cool Combo Tote allows you to stash away a couple of pads and/or multiple tampons. The Period Pak is the perfect way to prepare a daughter or niece for her "time of the month" with everything she needs and it includes a special little book that explains all about her monthly visitor. Visit Lexie B Designs at to carry your "life's little necessities" in style.

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