Friday, August 22, 2008

Sleep Without Worries

New parents usually worry endlessly after putting their newborns to sleep. I cannot recall how many times each night that I would tiptoe in just to make sure my little ones were okay. Sometimes I would awaken them in the process and sleep would have to wait. Thank You to the makers of Babysense V, The Infant Movement Monitor. Baby Safe USA created a product that takes the worry out of putting your little one to sleep. It's simple to use and will alert you when baby's movement becomes irregularly slow or stops. Use from birth through 1 year, this device operates on a AA battery. It comes with 2 sensor pads which are placed under the baby's mattress. If a baby's movement stops for 20 seconds or if Babysense V detects less then 10 micro-movements per minute, you will be alerted to check on your baby. This product has saved lives and I feel that the peace of mind that it provides is worth every penny. Visit for ordering information.

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