Friday, August 22, 2008

Sitting In The Lap Of Luxury With BABYBJÖRN

I must confess, I have those plastic, lights and sounds for entertainment, bouncers and swings. They are flashy, break easily, but the little ones "seem" to really like them. After receiving the BABYBJÖRN Babysitter 1-2-3, I realize that Sam is even happier relaxing and lounging in the comfort provided by BABYBJÖRN. The soft fabric cradles and supports his body. This sitter comes ready to use. No screwdrivers and hours of following pages of directions. Best of all, there is no need for panic when the batteries die because no batteries are required!!! There are 3 positions that will allow your little one to play, rest, and sleep. Anti skid pads protect your floor and keep your little one from having an "unplanned adventure" of his own. When your little one is too old for the toys and restraint system, they are easily removed and the sitter makes a great little chair. I really like the restraint system. Buttons are used to fasten your baby in. The cover is reversible, easy to remove and machine washable. It goes back on just as easily. The removable toy bar features colorful little wooden bears and balls. The simplicity of the toy design is quite remarkable and amazingly attractive to my little one, ensuring that he will be provided with limitless entertainment. The bar is within easy reach of my little one and everytime I put it in place, Sam immediately grabs for it. I know the other brands really frustrated Sam because the toys were more of a tease. Now he can easily make them spin while he bounces away in the lap of BABYBJÖRN luxury. The babysitter folds flat for storage and takes up very little space. It does cost a little more than the battery powered options, but you will actually save because there is no need for batteries. In my opinion this product has it all. Durable enough to withstand multiple children and then some. Visit for more information on this product and other great products. There is also a store locator to help you find this sanity saving baby gear!

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