Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Advantages of Laser Hair Restoration

Do you know what laser hair therapy is? It is one of the most quickly rising new technologies available in the field of hair regrowth and restoration. Back in the days before this technology,  the only way to treat hair loss was by applying a topical treatment or through surgery. Such as the one described on, it came to light. While the surgery wasn’t too risky, there was always the risk of infection or complications developing.
    1. How Does Laser Therapy Work?

In laser therapy, one of the biggest differences is that it isn’t invasive, unlike surgery. To remedy your hair loss problems, a soft laser light that uses low amounts of energy is shined onto your scalp to treat your hair loss problems. It can be used to treat baldness, thin hair, and many other issues that arise with your hair and head.
The light causes the circulation of blood in your scalp to increase, which in turn prompts your hair to grow faster and thicker, due to the energy transferred to your scalp cells. Since the procedure uses a special low-energy laser light, you aren’t at risk of damage to sensitive organs either. Some older technology would use heat to stimulate circulation. While this worked to a limited extent, it would still be rather risky.
    1. What are the Benefits of the Laser Therapy?

There is an extensive list of bonuses from using laser hair treatment over traditional methods of treating damaged or lost hair. It significantly reduces the number of treatment sessions as huge advantages. In fact, a single session has been shown to increase your circulation by 50% of what it used to be.  
In addition to this, the results differ from conventional treatment methods – hair that grows due to this form of therapy is glossier, softer, and has more volume. It is also more elastic and resistant to breakage. If you go to a salon for hair treatment after growing hair through laser therapy, you gain the added benefit of increased protection against the ravages of chemical scrubs and dyes on your hairs.
    1. Can Everyone Benefit From Therapy?

According to the statistics, over 80% of people who get their hair treated in this manner see their hair loss issues come to a stop. You can’t do one session and hope that your hair loss stops, though. If you want to see the best possible results, it becomes necessary to go through multiple sessions with a specialist. Always talk to your doctor about potential risks to yourself, if you go through with such a therapy session. Remember that not everyone is viable for treatment, too.

No two people are the same. Your scalp doesn’t work or react in the same way that another person does. While laser therapy works for most people, it is highly possible that it won’t work for you individually. However, the typical time frame over which you can see results is about one month after your first treatment. Just remember that no matter what the outcome is, you are as beautiful as you believe you are!

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