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How to teach your son to play basketball - 5 simple tips

How to Teach Your Son to Play Basketball - 5 Simple Tips How to Teach Your Son to Play Basketball 

 Basketball is an action packed game that is very engaging, competitive, and helpful in keeping fit thereby making it a preferred game by most youngsters. However, playing the game requires effort, training, and practice. This is why you should teach your son how to play the game for him to have a good comprehension, understanding and knowledge of the rules and general gameplay.

Look for an appropriate basketball court

Teaching your son how playing basketball should be done in a suitable basketball court with the necessary facilities as well as enough space to run around the court. Beginner basketball players need to be exposed in a court that is specially designed for basketball. A serene, quiet environment is also needed so that the beginner can pay attention to what the trainer is saying or instructing him to do. With a well-set basketball court, it becomes easy for the beginner to learn new tricks such as dribbling and shooting the basketball. Ideally, the environment for training the beginner should be conducive for learning and as such, should be calm and peaceful.

Provide the necessary equipment

There is more that is needed to teach your son basketball in addition to an appropriate playing field. And it's the same with any other parenting-related topics. For starters, you need to have balls of varying sizes depending on your son’s age, protective gear, appropriate sports clothes, and footwear. All this equipment contributes to enabling the beginner to learn to play basketball comfortably and without any difficulties whatsoever. Protective gear should include knee and elbow guards for young children to protect them from getting bruised after they fall while training. The beginner should avoid wearing sports clothes that are too tight as such clothes may become uncomfortable to play in especially in hot and sunny weather.

Hire the assistance of knowledgeable basketball players

It is difficult to know all the ins and outs of basketball unless you are a pro-player. This is why it is advisable to hire the services of an expert player to assist you in training your son. The input of these players is very important especially if your son is considering taking up basketball as a career sport. The best thing about the expertise of pro-players is that they use their experience and skills to assess whether a beginner is undertaking and executing a skill appropriately and correctly. This makes it easy to correct the beginners and teach them how to avoid making some common mistakes while playing basketball.

Exercise patience

Teaching basketball to your child is not a one-day affair. As such, you need to be patient with your son and avoid pressuring him too much especially when you notice that he is taking time to understand and master the art of playing the sport. Learners feel demoralized and demotivated when they are pressured to learn new skills and understanding the sport. Instead, let your child learn at his own pace and avoid getting mad at him when he seems slow to understanding the game. The mental ability of the child combined with his physical skill will make it easy for the child to learn how to throw, catch and control the ball. Therefore, it is important for him to practice playing basketball regularly and perfect on the sport’s basic skills (throw, catch & control) before he advances to any complex skill. It is worth noting that the sport should remain fun and entertaining at all times.

Let him play

Give your son an opportunity to experience how playing the game feels. You can play with him as well. By now, he should be able to see and comprehend the fun of playing basketball. This realization acts as a motivation to make the child more passionate and interested in playing the game. For starters, you can let him run around the court, dribble and make shots without any opponents guarding him. After your son has understood the basics of the game, you can let other players (may also be beginners) play with your son. There is a great difference between playing alone and competing against other players. It is important that as the trainer, you need to ensure that the training and practice sessions are as enjoyable and exciting as they can be.


Always interact with your son when you are teaching him how to play basketball. This goes a long way in sparking interest in the child and makes him more interested in learning the game. You can also choose many great products to assist your child here if you wish. Take care.

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