Friday, June 10, 2016

Main Varicose Veins Causes You Have To Be Aware Of

People are afraid of ending up with varicose, especially in regions where they do not understand much about them, like in Honduras. While there are many articles written about how to treat them, there is not much knowledge available about why they appear in the first place. Because of this, we should learn about the causes that exist when talking about varicose veins. The most common causes that appear are the ones mentioned below.
Varicose veins are sometimes determined by heredity because valve weakness can be transmitted from one generation to the next. This is normally the case with women. There are various areas that show loose connective tissues. That leads towards veins deterioration.
Unfortunately, as we age, we normally have a body that is not as strong. It is normal for your veins to become a lot less elastic. That means older people will be a lot more prone to the appearance of venous disorders.
A Lack Of Exercising
Sitting down or standing still will deactivate your muscles. When this happens for a long period of time, blood is stagnated inside the legs. Swollen veins end up being increased in size because of this. Severe strains can appear on the veins after longer journeys by plane, train and car. A good idea is to periodically flex ankles. That pumps blood right out of the legs. It practically stimulates walking. Just flex the ankles ten times every ten minutes. It is all you have to do in this case.
Improper Clothes And Shoes
It is important to eliminate plateau shoes or high heels if you have varicose problems. That is because blood flow will be restricted. It would lead towards many possible venous conditions as time passes. You want to avoid clothes that are tight fitting because of the exact same reason.
Drinking Alcohol While Flying
When you are inside a plane, oxygen is limited and pressure is low. That environment will affect coagulation when connected with thrombosis. If you drink tea, coffee and alcohol, you will end up faced with vines that will be increased in size.
It is really important that you see obesity as a factor that is of high risk for people that suffer from varicose veins. At the same time, the leg’s vascular system will have increased pressure because of all the excess fat. If you combine valves weakness that is inherited, female hormonal problems, pregnancy and obesity, it is a certainty that varicose veins problems will appear. It is normally a really good idea to maintain proper body weight.
This is one thing that many do not know about varicose veins. Dehydration will cause the blood vessels to end up being narrower. Blood will thicken and there is a much higher risk of developing DVT. You should seriously consider reducing the consumption of coffee and alcohol because it will only make dehydration worse. You want to always think about the liquids that you drink. If they will cause dehydration, you want to remove them.

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