Thursday, April 14, 2016

Something He Can Be Proud Of

I bought this for my almost 13-year-old son after he was made fun of for having a girly comb. Picture day came and I asked him to take his comb so he could fix his hair and he gave me a horrified look. When he left for school, I got online and found this wooden comb. I am so pleased with it. He loves it (and is quite proud of it) and said it is the last comb he will ever need. Now I need to get one for my husband and my younger son. These combs are great and I love the little box they come in. My son keeps his in the box on his side table and is very protective of it. The comb has a nice scent too! Find out more about the company here!

Disclosure: Real review after making real purchase from Amazon. Link to product is not an affiliate link.

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