Friday, May 22, 2015

Slept like a that is sleeping though the night :)

I have problems sleeping at night. I turn my pillow about ten times each night so it stays cool. I have good pillows, or I thought I did. I will be buying another for sure. When I received my pillow, it was flat, I followed the instructions and my pillow fluffed up beautifully. I read that some had issues with off gassing but my pillow did not have a strong odor. I put it aside to use the following day so I could get my review posted.

The night I used it was one of the best nights sleep I've had in a while. It stayed cool, it gave me support, and it allowed me to relax more and enjoy my sleep. I have had regular memory foam pillows (not shredded) and my mattress is a name brand memory foam. The pillow is amazing. I wish my mattress felt as good as the pillow. I am hoping one day they will make a bed topper that cradles me as good as this pillow! To disclose: I did receive this pillow in exchange for giving my honest thoughts in the form of a review. I was not influenced by this and I loved it so much I want one for my husband and kids!

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