Friday, February 27, 2015


I love candy. I love to share candy. Maybe that last part is a stretch. I do love to give and have often wished for a product that I could afford to send often. Now I've found it! INSTACANDI is a great new company that ships a personalized card and a bag of assorted candy for under $10! Now I can cheer up a friend or a few friends without breaking the bank! I can say "cheer up" to a friend, tell my kids that they're the greatest, or tell my husband I'm sorry. Maybe not that last part. He knows I never do anything wrong! 

With INSTACANDI, you can choose your package. You can send a package of Birthday Bits, Sweet Treats, Sorry Sweeties or another package listed from their purchase page. After you add your package to your shopping cart, simply write a message to the receiver. I was given a chance to order candy for myself in order to review their services and I was happy with the ordering process. Next, I just had to wait!!!

When my INSTACANDI arrived, it was in a sturdy, bubble wrap protective envelope. One thing that made me happy? The outer package was blue, my favorite color! Of course, that was just a coincidence. The outer package could be any color to brighten your day! Inside the package, I found cool metallic confetti that made me feel really special. My colorful card featured a personalized greeting that I had written to myself. Maybe I should have written DO NOT EAT ALL THIS AT ONCE! Maybe not. I doubt I would have listened.

The candy was fresh! I was really happy about that part. I've ordered candy before from other online sites and I've been disappointed. No one likes stale candy! I was completely thrilled with this little package of happiness! I received my INSTACANDI in exchange for this review. I sent my children their own INSTACANDI (at my expense) after I tested INSTACANDI out in exchange for their continued good behavior. A little bribery never hurt anyone.

Reasons to send INSTACANDI:

Who wouldn't love to get a package of candy in the mail?
Kids getting picked on at school? Tell them they are beautiful and send them something sweet!
Just Because
Because you love them
Because you like them
Because it is their birthday, anniversary or a holiday
You messed up or forgot their birthday or anniversary. You may need to send two bags!!!
You're thankful for them
You're sorry
Saying congratulations
Telling someone to get well
Awesome report card
New job
Quit old job 
Quit cheating boyfriend...

There are MANY reasons to send INSTACANDI! Join them on Facebook for more fun!

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