Friday, December 13, 2013

Say Happy Holidays (Or Merry Christmas!) With La Bella Baskets!

Sometimes a gift basket is the perfect gift for a special person on your gift list. I can't tell you how many times I've given one over the years. I have given a gift basket to clients, friends and family members. I have several people on my list that are hard to buy for and people that I know, but haven't been to their house to know what they have and don't have. I've never known anyone that said don't buy a gift basket...we don't like them. I know I always get excited over gift baskets. It is fun to take everything out and try new things. I've reviewed a few La Bella Baskets over the years and I've been pleased with each delivery.
 This year, I received a wonderful gift basket (unfortunately it is now sold out) for my review. It was called the Heartwarming Holiday Gourmet Basket. As usual, when I opened the box, the basket looked perfect. Everything was taped firmly in place, but the tape wasn't overdone and it wasn't noticeable. It was a very pretty present! Inside the bark covered basket were a variety of yummy goodies, from a fudge that tasted like a dark chocolate truffle to crisp caramel popcorn. I found wafer crackers and spreads, along with summer sausage and almonds. Everything was fresh and tasty. It was tough to keep my kids out of it long enough to get the photos!
If you need a gift basket, order one before the 16th for on time Christmas delivery! They still have a nice selection of available baskets! Connect with La Bella Baskets on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook! Thank you La Bella Baskets for making our Christmas a little sweeter this year!

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