Friday, April 26, 2013

Carex Health Brand Products Review

Not too long ago I was asked to review products from Carex Health Brands. I received three products from Carex for me to review, the Apex Medical Alert Bracelet, the Bed Buddy Hot/Cold Pack and the Carex non-slip bath mat. I could not be happier from what I received.

The Carex non-slip bath mat:

I was really glad to get this particular product because my husband does not always have firm footing. I really do worry when he is in the shower of slipping and falling.

The suction cups on this mat are great. The packaging did say to initially let the mat soak for 5 minutes before stepping on to it. I found this to be true because otherwise the mat rolls up. The packaging also said to make sure that the mat is wet before stepping in to the tub so the suction cups are firmly on the tub.

  • Hundreds of suction cups secure the bath mat to the bath or shower floor for a slip resistant surface
  • Full size measures 16"€wide x 28"€ long

  • The Apex Alert Medical Bracelet:

    When it comes to certain health conditions, a person really should wear a medical bracelet to alert medical personnel of a condition in case they cannot speak.
    I received the 'blank' bracelet which can be for any medical condition. You just fill out the card with your particular allergy or other conditions.
    Carex does have bracelets for specific conditions too.

    The Apex® medical alert bracelet lets health professionals know your allergies or pre-existing condition at a glance which can help to save your life in an emergency situation. The pendant and simple chain make it comfortable to wear on a regular basis without drawing attention to you condition unless in an emergency situation. Includes Emergency Identification card which will allow you to include additional information about your ailment and contact information. 

    • 7 1/2" Hypoallergenic chain
    • Official medical emergency symbol
    • Emergency identification card included

    Here I tell you why I needed this product and why my husband needs one too.

    The Original Bed Buddy Hot & Cold Pack:

    As soon a s I saw this hot and cold pack product, I knew that it was one I would constantly use. I have severe back pain all the time and need the soothing heat. In fact, I used it immediately.
    I really like the fact that it is also a natural product, reusable and a safe alternative to a regular heating pad or cold pack.

    The Bed Buddy Hot & Cold Pack provides doctor recommended moist heat to help relieve sore muscles, aches, and pains. This versatile pack can be used for hot or cold therapy, and easily conforms to the body, even when cold. Bed Buddy is both simple and safe to use and is filled with 100% natural grains herbs and flowers.A natural alternative or compliment to over the counter drug treatments. Original White. 

    • Doctor Recommended Moist Heat
    • Provides Hot & Cold Therapy
    • Flexible Form Fitting Design
    • Reusable
    • Filled with 100% Natural Grains
    • Easy and safe, use as directed
    • Original White

    If you want great health care products for not a lot of cost, easy to buy online and that hold up under much use Carex Health Brands are certainly the products for you. You can find them on Facebook too.
    I recommend them with a thumbs up!

    Thanks Carex!
    ~Naila Moon

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