Monday, April 29, 2013

Annin & Co. Flags

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Flying high and blowing in the breeze, the American flag represents the spirit of the American people. We go to battle to defend our flag and the flag is lowered to half mast to honor our fallen soldiers. The stars and stripes are made in America by proud Americans. All Annin flags are made in America. The name is synonymous with quality materials and true craftsmanship. Annin & Co. flags traces its roots back to the early nineteenth century when Alexander Annin opened a small flag shop in New York City. Six generations later, the business sells more than 30 million flags in the United States and around the world. The American flag stands in a category all of its own, but there are also many other categories of flags that you can buy. The wide selection of flags includes state flags, international flags and military flags. Fans of football or baseball can get the official flag of their favorite team. If you want a great way to differentiate the entrance to your house from all of the other houses on your block, try hanging one of their beautiful decorative flags. Flags are available in all sizes and in all price ranges. If you are holding a Fourth of July party and want to buy 100 small flags to give out to all your guests, there is no better flag to buy than an Annin flag. Always be proud of your flag and display it proudly all year round.

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