Saturday, January 12, 2013

Post Pregnancy Comfort and Style

I wish that when I’d been pregnant there had been such great products and clothing available to me as there is for today’s women. Too often I found myself bemoaning the fact that, even though I’d jettisoned most of the weight I’d carried whilst pregnant, my pre-pregnancy clothes still didn’t fit and I just still didn’t feel comfortable.

I especially found myself wishing for clothing which allowed me to breastfeed a little more easily, especially when out in public. Modern women are still being denounced for publicly feeding their little ones so there are lots of new mums who feel as though, if they don’t cover up, they can’t go out. I struggled, trying to find a balance between needing to go about my chores and socialise with a little one in tow, and not liking the style or fit of any of the nursing tops or dresses I had in my wardrobe. In short, I wish I’d had a company like Milk Bug.

Milk Bug Nursing Tops and Dresses

I discovered Milk Bug through a friend of mine who absolutely swears by their affordable, stylish nursing clothes. Clicking through their website I felt a surge of resentment bubbling up inside me – why couldn’t these clothes have been around when I was breastfeeding? My friend never looks frumpy when she’s feeding her baby in public, and has told me on many occasions how comfortable it is for her. 

The one thing which really caught my eye on the Milk Bug site is the line of Mamascarfs they have, available in three lovely colours. It’s big enough to allow mums to discreetly breastfeed without the need for a cushion, as support is built into the fabric. And when not in use it can actually be worn as a scarf – brilliant!

It’s a shame that women still have to cover up when they breastfeed in public and worse that some new mums feel like they can’t go out with their little ones for fear of causing outrage when their baby gets hungry. But with companies like Milk Bug on hand, hopefully new mums will feel a little more encouraged.

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