Monday, December 10, 2012

Calinana- Add A Little Sparkle To The Holidays!

I don't wear bold jewelry. My taste is very simple and understated. I like jewelry that makes me feel feminine, but I don't want it to weigh me down. I'm really picky, and even though I worked with Calinana last year on a review, I was still nervous while I awaited my package. When I opened the package and discovered the necklace below, I was thrilled! I couldn't get a great photo, so I draped it across my hand to get the best shot. The necklace has a great weight and it will go with just about everything. I like the neutral color because I don't have to think about matching it to anything. I've also worn it from one day into the next because I forgot to take it off. The chain didn't get tangled in my hair, which I appreciated, and I never really remembered I had it on until I received a compliment! If you want unique jewelry to get (or give) for the holidays, check out Calinana! I've been really pleased with everything she's sent me in the past and after seeing her new designs, I think she has something for all! From simple to elaborate, and everything in between, each piece is a handmade creation. You can even request customized designs based on your favorite colors and beads. Browse the collections and order now for the holidays!

Disclosure: I received a necklace in order to complete this review. A favorable review was not required.

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