Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Alexander, Spy Catcher

Strange things begin to happen around Alexander and his brother, Ben. In Alexander, Spy Catcher, Diane Stormer tells the tale of two brothers surrounded by mystery and intrigue.

 "A seemingly normal October turns into an exciting and terrifying adventure for Alexander and his brother, Ben, when they discover that their uncle Charlie may be in danger because of a secret government project he is working on. 
The boys notice strange happenings around their family’s home; for example, why is there a clandestine protected Wi-Fi network on their forest covered property? When Alexander and Ben suspect that their uncle is being spied upon, they agree to warn him about what they’ve discovered. But on the same night that they tell him about their findings, he disappears without a trace.
Now, it’s up to Alexander, Ben, and their family to solve the mystery about what happened to their uncle and bring him home safely. But although they are determined to rescue Charlie, they don’t realize the dangers that lie ahead for them on their journey."

Alexander and Ben lead a pretty normal life until Alexander notices a Wi-Fi network where he previously had no service. After a conversation with their mom the brothers spend an afternoon with their friends, searching their house for secret passages and tunnels. Nothing is found except for an old book written about Victorian homes. Alexander reads it because he believes it will help him locate secrets hidden in his home. The readers of this book will appreciate the knowledge he shares throughout the story. The information is entertaining and educational! I can't tell you too much without giving the story away, but I can tell you that kids will relate to the characters and the story. Reading it reminds me of some of the adventures of my youth. A group of likable friends with curious imaginations and a few secrets give Diane Stormer the ability to pull off this clever, modern day Hardy Boys tale. Diane Stormer is so talented, she was able to make me feel like the characters in the book. I felt apprehension and excitement. At times, my curiosity almost got the best of me! I wanted to skip ahead, but I didn't dare! Stormer has a wonderful way of drawing her readers into the story. She is descriptive and paints a complete picture, and her characters feel like they've been your friends forever. I was really impressed by all she accomplished in just over 100 pages. I didn't want it to end. Fortunately, she leaves the door open to a sequel! I'm crossing my fingers because I'd love to see what they do next! I followed this tale and dove headfirst into the mystery. It's an easy (and quick) read and it's so easy to get lost in the pages. Unfortunately  getting lost means the pages fly and it makes the book seem shorter than it actually is. I want more! Alexander, Spy Catcher is a tale that will appeal to both girls and boys, young and old. Get it at Amazon! It's also available for your Kindle!

About The Author:
Diane Stormer has worked as both an artist and as a flight attendant. She retired shortly after being diagnosed with a form of motor neuron disease. Alexander, Spy Catcher is her first novel. She currently lives in Germantown, Maryland, with her family.

Disclosure: This book was supplied for my review. A favorable mention was not required.

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