Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Plan A Camping Trip!

I haven't been camping in years. My kids (and my husband) have asked me to go but I just can't seem to tell them yes! I have a lot of camping equipment, but I would need to purchase a few items before I plan a trip and pack. I have a tent and an air mattress, but I'd like to have portable power. While I'd like to have a solar generator large enough to run a fan all day and night, I'd settle for enough power to keep my phone up and running. Besides, I really need a working phone in case there is an emergency!  I need to purchase a few lanterns too. My dad always had Coleman lanterns and I remember watching him light them when I was a kid. I remember how much heat they gave off too! They were HOT!
I can't go camping without fishing gear! I need to pick up a few fishing rods and reels for our trip. When I went camping with my parents, we usually camped close to a lake and I loved going fishing with my dad. It was a wonderful way to spend the day. Sometimes, my aunt, uncle, and cousin would join us and we had the greatest time! I really need to take my kids camping so they can experience it while they are young. Who knows, maybe one day they will tell their children all about it!

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