Thursday, November 8, 2012

Old El Paso Coupons!!! Free Products and Big Savings!

From delicious dinner kits, to tasty enchilada sauce, zesty green chiles, refried beans and award winning flour tortillas – Old El Paso has a variety of products that make it simple to serve a Mexican Fiesta for your family tonight.
According to a recent survey:

· Nearly half of Americans (45 percent) crave Mexican food more than once a month, but more than 60 percent of Americans said they don’t often prepare Mexican food at home because they don’t know how to make it.

· Two-thirds of American crave Mexican food at least once a month, yet 37 percent don’t often prepare the cuisine at home

  • Americans are most likely to eat Mexican food when it’s prepared at a restaurant (63%), as one-third say the biggest pitfall to making Mexican food at home is that the food doesn’t taste like it does in the restaurant.*
*According to a recent survey conducted by ORC International
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To disclose: The Old El Paso Microsite was provided by the Old El Paso Brand.

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