Friday, November 2, 2012

Leisure Lakes Bikes

 Logan is too big for his bicycle and he is asking Santa for a new one this year. Every time I've gone out to buy a bike for my kids, I bought one for around $100 at a department store. This year, I'm not so lucky--or am I? We just bought a $500 BMX bike (we did buy it on sale and actually paid less) for a nine year old. That sounds crazy to me! To my husband, it's perfectly sane. He worked in a bike shop and owned a bike messenger business, and bikes are important to him. He wants them to be important to Logan too, I suppose. After a few months of trying to find the perfect bike, he has given me quite the education. You don't cut corners with bikes, especially if your child is going to use it for years! Logan will keep this bike into his teens. Now I can honestly say, I know a thing or two about bikes and I am developing an appreciation for them! A BMX bike is every boy's dream. has many of the same bikes I've been looking at and they have a few that we almost purchased.

Color was the first thing I looked at when I began looking for a bike. I wanted Logan to have a bike with his favorite color, green. My husband thought I was crazy. That's not how he shops for a bike. First, you find a reputable bike shop, like LeisureLakes Then, you decide what type of bike you'd like to purchase. After you decide on the type of bike, you look at the parts and what they're made of! I've found that Fit, We The People, Mongoose, and Subrosa are some of the best. Leisure Lakes Bikes has a great selection of some of the greatest bikes for men, women, and children. They are a family business that was first established in 1981 by four brothers. Now, two generations of the Noy Family work throughout the company. They are passionate about biking and the outdoors. It's obvious because of the products the offer. I only found the best brands and accessories at their site! If you're lucky enough to live near one of their stores, you can try a bike before you buy it! They employ fully trained Cytech mechanics to keep your bike running smoothly. Check them out and don't forget to pick up some of their great accessories. They have a nice selection of clothing, bike accessories, bags, parts, and protective gear!

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