Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fat Burning Bag O’ Tricks!

Nobody’s perfect! Especially me. We miss workouts, cave into cravings, and sometimes with our busy schedules it’s practically impossible to stay on track with our weight loss goals. But believe it or not…these all-natural superfoods can supercharge the metabolism and help burn fat faster to keep your weight goals in check! Now is the perfect time to start! With the holidays approaching, maybe you want to look great in front of friends and family, or maybe you don't want to just squeeze into that fabulous holiday dress, you want to rock it!!! 

The “Fat Burning Bag of Tricks” from Pure Health contains all-natural, wild harvested fat burning supplements that helps your metabolism rev up and will help give you an edge on staying trim! These Superfood Fat Burners will change your life...NOT your lifestyle! I was offered a Fat Burning Bag of Tricks to review. I am currently on another program to shed some weight so I passed it on to my husband!

The “Fat Burning Bag of Tricks” includes a 30 count bottle of each of the following:
 •Green Coffee Bean Extract
•Red Raspberry Ketones
•Resveratrol Complete (New product that just came out onto the market!)
My husband reviewed these products for me and he was eager to try them. He isn't overweight and normally wouldn't take a product for weight control. Sometimes he gets to the point that he'd like to drop 5-10 pounds, but that's usually during the holidays! He took these products for a couple of weeks and he did feel that he had more energy. He was really excited to try them because of the ingredients. My husband lost about two pounds since he began using these products. While I am not sure if it's related to these products, he did feel more energized and I noticed that he didn't come home after a long shift and hit the refrigerator. Again, I am not sure if it's related to these products, but it was a definite change I noticed.Check them out and try them for yourself! Get them from Pure Health!


Disclosure: The statement above was given based on observation and my husband's weight over a two week period. Any claim regarding products above may be accurate, but not approved by the FDA.

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