Friday, October 5, 2012

Shoes For All The Family!

 Can you ever have too many pairs of shoes? I know a lot of people that don't think so! I enjoy shopping at websites that have shoes for everyone in the family! As much as I like to shop, shoe shopping has never been something I enjoyed. As I was window shopping online, I found shoes I wanted within minutes! If you knew me personally, you'd be shocked! Where do I start? Heels!!! Yeah, I haven't worn them for a while. Being a work-at-home mom that spends most of the day homeschooling the kids, I don't really need to dress up except on rare occasions. When I look at heels, I cringe and imagine my feet taking days to recover. Tonight, I looked a them a little differently, especially when I saw the Emilio X Vintage Lace Stilleto Peep Toe shoes! They're gorgeous!
My husband loves Skechers. He thinks they're comfortable and I love the way they look. Years ago, I bought him a great pair. He wears them all the time. He now has them in different colors because he enjoys wearing them when we go out. He's worn them so much, I need to buy new Lace Up Shoes from Skechers!
My kids aren't picky at all and I think they'd wear anything as long as it covered they're feet. Still, I try to get them a pair Skechers each year. They last the entire season (or until they out grow them) and they stand up to the abuse my children give them. They are tough! I really like Skechers Manifold Active Trainers. I don't have to worry about shoes coming untied (which can be a problem with my youngest) and they would look great with all their casual wear!

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