Sunday, September 2, 2012

What Are Your Kids Doing Online?

Thankfully, I really don't worry about  my kids online. Sam is four and he doesn't get computer time. Logan is older and while he is on the computer, most of what he does consists of offline class assignments. Every now and then, he goes online to follow a link that goes along with our daily lesson. Since I am right beside him, I don't worry so much. He is very curious about going online and playing games. He's heard of online chats thanks to cartoon network and I've done my best to teach him that things are not always what they seem. The day will come when he will have the chance to venture online alone and I will have ScreenRetriever to watch his back! I appreciate that it teaches your child by just being there to watch over their shoulder. I can see what my child does online and use it as a teaching opportunity to help him make good choices.

With ScreenRetriever, you can:
  • Check in live to see what your child is doing on the computer at any time no matter where they are in the house
  • Quickly review what your child has been doing on the computer when you’re not home
  • See if your child is really doing their homework or is on Facebook and Skyping too
  • Find out if your child is playing games online for hours and hours instead of playing outside
  • See the actual websites your child is visiting.
  • Know who your child is Skyping with alone in their bedroom
  • Check to see what chats, images and comments your child is posting on Facebook, without the need for passwords, because you know colleges and employers are regularly checking social networking sites
  • See if your child is going online when you think they’re sleeping
  • Know if your child is being cyberbullied and save the evidence if they are
  • Check to see if your child is posting information that will put them at risk for identity theft or predators
  • Improve your child’s online behavior because they know you’re checking
  • Teach your child how to avoid making life changing mistakes online
With school starting back, many kids will spend more time online! Hours spent researching for book reports and homework can open the door to temptation. Trouble is often just a click away. With a recent study showing that up to 70% of children hide their online activities, it's important to keep a watchful eye. You wouldn't send your child out into the world unprepared. Don't set them in front of a computer screen without guidance. Download ScreenRetriever!

Disclosure: ScreenRetriever is a sponsor of this blog. Only honest opinions given.

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