Friday, September 7, 2012

Usborne Books!

 I was introduced to Usborne Books when I first began homeschooling. We've ordered at least one every year. We like the Internet linked books because it extends Logan's school lesson and he gets to spend some time online. This year, we were sent a few books for review. Logan is learning about Electricity and Magnetism this year. Next year, he will learn more about biology. I requested The Usborne Introduction to Genes & DNA because I wanted a sneak peek at next year's curriculum. I really enjoyed the art more than anything. it's filled with in-depth illustrations and diagrams. I feel confident that Logan will learn much with this book. It's beautifully laid out and covers a lot of material. It isn't too overwhelming and I think he will really enjoy it!
 Logan is learning a lot from his Electricity and Magnetism book! It's filled with great information and it supplements what he he learning in his other textbooks. I like that it is filled with activities. It keeps Logan from becoming bored. When he's interested and has hands-on activities, he retains so much more! He LOVES his Science With Magnets Kid Kit! Unlike other "experiment boxes" I've purchased, this kit has what I need to ensure that Logan actually gets to do the experiments! I don't need to go out and search for elusive items. I have just what I need so it makes things less stressful to get everything together. I am going to buy kid kits in the future because I love having everything together! I am not a very organized person and I need all the help I can get! During our years of homeschooling (K-4) our experience with Usborne Books has been great. I don't find typos or incorrect information and I think they have been a fun way for Logan to learn. I've tried many books to teach and supplement his Science (and other lessons) and Usborne Books are my favorite! We have around 15 Usborne Books on Science and History, and I will be adding more to our "library" in the future!
Disclosure: I was sent these copies for review. A positive review was not required. Opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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