Sunday, September 9, 2012

Awesome Costumes From PURECOSTUMES.COM

It's getting to be that time of the year again and we are already looking at cool ideas for Halloween!!! I have been busy on Pinterest looking for pumpkin carving ideas, decorating projects, and Halloween crafts. Logan and Sam are getting excited because they know I pinned a lot of Halloween themed cookies and cupcakes that I want to try this year! They will be perfect for our family Halloween party! The kids don't go trick-or-treating, but we all dress up and have a lot of fun eating treats, passing them out, and watching Halloween themed movies! Logan and Sam are looking forward to picking out Halloween costumes more than anything else! I've been asking them for the last few weeks what (or who) they wanted to be. I looked at child Halloween costumes and Logan found a really cool Fire Sword on clearance and I found a Dragon Slayer costume that I think he'd look great in!

When I looked at a Halloween costumes for toddler, I picked out an adorable bat costume for Sam. If he were younger, I would buy the adorable What A Hoot owl costume that has in a heartbeat! It's darling and so are the other baby and toddler aminal costumes! I still want to baby him and dress him in cute Halloween costumes! Unfortunately, he has other ideas and wants to wear something cool like his big brother. Sam picked out The Dark Night Batman Costume. I may need to buy two, because it's the exact costume Logan picked out when we looked at Halloween costumes 2012! After searching their site, it looks like a tie between Batman and the Dragon Slayer. Whatever we buy, it's good to know they have great prices and $3.99 flat rate shipping. That will come in handy, especially if I dress up again this year! They offer free shipping on purchases over $50! Be sure to use coupon/promo code FREE50! Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for more exciting news and deals!

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