Thursday, September 20, 2012

Goodbye Travel System, Hello Lightweight Stroller!

We’ve all done it; through a haze of pregnancy hormones we’ve cried ‘I don’t want a mere pram! I need a travel system. It must be built like a tank, and able to transform at the flick of a button into small jet’ and so long suffering partners are dispatched to purchase this gargantuan creature and you are reassured that you will be a good mother.

Sadly we know the story doesn’t end there, for the next six months you find yourself attempting to get car seat onto the travel system, or heaven forbid fold the thing up muttering in the style of the rain man ‘press the left button, ease up the right leaver, then gently depress the foot bar’. So eventually and with a relief that you will never, ever admit to your partner you buy a light weight travel system.

Hurrah! It folds up with one hand, you can travel on public transport and it actually has somewhere you can put your shopping underneath. So now you’ve admitted that your travel system is the bane of your life, what to look for in a stroller? Multi-positions are a good start, we all know that one of the few places your offspring will contemplate sleeping is on the move so being able to recline will save them neck ache later. Making sure you feel comfortable with it is also important, practise steering it and putting it up and down until you can do it quickly. Five point harnesses are good as they are very safe but allow your little one to have a full range of movement. But mostly go for ease of use and manoeuvrability because it’s a bit of kit that you have to use every day for a long time and you need to live in harmony. If you’re ready to make the break view some great lightweight strollers from Britax online today.

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