Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Packing For The Trip!

I live in a small corner of the world filled with drivers suffering from road rage and shoppers that flock to sales as part of a massive, and sometimes angry mob. I keep my sanity (and stay happy) by doing the majority of my shopping online. Maybe that's how I keep my husband happy too. He doesn't get pushed and pulled by the crowds and he doesn't have to fight for a spot on a bench outside the department stores while I window shop or go on a shopping spree. Online shopping is much more pleasant and with a few clicks, I can be at my favorite store within seconds.

Before I go on vacation, I always check my favorite websites to see what they have. I look for sales and I also look for new products that will make my vacation experience better. I'm going on a trip in a week so I need to get out my Kipling Bag. I have one and I love to use it when I travel. It's lightweight and perfect for all seasons. I like using it when I visit theme parks and when I go on other adventures where I may stay dry...or not. The material seems to dry out quickly and the bags are very durable! Plus, there is a place for everything!!! I also take along a room spray from WoodWick because it makes me feel at home and it relaxes me after a hectic day. A few sprays can be so calming when you finally check in to the hotel and have time to unwind!

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