Thursday, August 9, 2012

Don't Forget The Ocean!!!

If you’re about to take a much-needed summer vacation, you’re probably asking yourself the questions asked by millions of vacation-goers:·        
Is the oven turned off?·        
Do I have my airline ticket? ·        
Is there enough gas in the car? ·        
Did I lock the door?
But, the one question that should be on everyone’s vacation checklist rarely ever is. It’s “did I pack a saline nasal spray?”  “What?” you ask, and rightfully so, because this item is never considered to be a vacation must-have. According to the experts who make Ocean Saline Nasal Spray, however, it should be, because it can make the difference between a great vacation and a dismal one. If you’re flying, for instance, it can add much needed moisture to mucus membranes that may feel dry and uncomfortable in the controlled environment of a plane. It may also help flush away cold germs that may be passed among fellow airplane travelers. Going camping this year? Your nose may not take kindly to all the pollen and allergens in the air. You can flush them out with a quick spray several times a day. As simple as it sounds, the reality is when your nose is stuffed, dry, running or irritated, you are less likely to enjoy your precious vacation time.Ocean® Saline Nasal Spray is the #1 recommended brand by pharmacists.* It offers natural, non-medicated relief for nasal passages that are congested or irritated by allergies, dryness, colds, flu, rhinitis and sinusitis. It is safe for frequent daily nasal care and is gentle enough for infants.

I never really knew how great a nasal spray could be. I fight allergies most of the spring and summer and I've used  a neti post in the past. My whole family has! When I first used the nasal spray, I noticed immediately a soothing effect. I suffer from nosebleeds about once a month because my nasal passages are dry. It usually happens more in the winter, but when it's hot outside, I stay inside and the air conditioner seems to dry my sinuses and nasal passages. This has really worked well since I began using it. I'm not sure if it "cured" me, but I did notice a difference. I'll buy more. It beats getting out the neti pot (daily) and mixing my solution! Visit for more great tips and helpful information. Ocean® Nasal Care is also on Facebook and Twitter!

About Ocean® Nasal Care
Ocean® Nasal Care non-medicated nasal products help you breathe easier by providing convenient, pre-mixed, easy-to-use nasal saline solutions for the entire family. The original #1 pharmacist-recommended* nasal saline spray for dry nose and irritated nasal passages.

About Valeant
Valeant Pharmaceuticals North America LLC develops, manufactures, and markets pharmaceutical products in the therapeutic areas of neurology, dermatology, and infectious diseases. The company is based in Bridgewater, New Jersey. Valeant Pharmaceuticals North America LLC operates as a subsidiary of Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc.

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