Monday, July 2, 2012

I know a lot of families that have old family movies. We have some of our own and it's frustrating that I can't sit down and watch them whenever I want. I don't have the equipment I need, so I won't be watching them anytime soon. If you are having the same issues, why not convert them to DVD and enjoy them? A film transfer service can take your old 8mm, Super8 and 16 mm film and create digital DVDs. They can clean and prep your film, make manual repairs, and they can even add scene detection so you can skip ahead to your favorite parts. Old film can deteriorate and your precious memories can be lost. can breathe life back into your reel to reels and you can preserve them for future generations on DVD or your hard drive. This makes it easier to share with loved ones! 8mm video conversion can be expensive. offers affordable options and they are even offering special discounts to help Colorado residents!

If you don't have any need for this service, chances are, someone close to you will. Old home movies date back to the thirties and they were wonderful, allowing families to capture motion, just like Hollywood! Now, those films are nearing the end of their life span and showing signs of deterioration. Most people with old movies can't even watch them because they don't own movie projectors. I think transfer services are a great gift idea because they can help your loved ones relive and share the past with future generations. They can also can your photos, negatives and slides. If you have old family albums, they can scan those too! Check out and learn more!

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