Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bamboo and Truman

How would your kids like to read a charming story they can actually relate to? “Bamboo and Truman” by Rohan A. Baboolal highlights the important part pets, especially dogs, play in a family’s life. As Rohan Baboolal watched his family grow from a married couple to a family of four with the addition of his two Labradors, to a party of five with the birth of his daughter, he has seen the pivotal role his dogs play in their family. Baboolal shares his canine companions’ crazy antics through the eyes of his 5-year-old daughter in “Bamboo and Truman” (ISBN 1463598025). If your family has a pet, chances are, you have had a few of the experiences in this book. I know I have!

In the story, Jade describes what life is like with her fun-loving and playful Labradors, Bamboo and Truman. They may share the same physical characteristics, but the dogs have completely different personalities. Boisterous Bamboo follows his tummy’s orders and would do just about anything to get his paws on delicious treats whether it is a Christmas cake or colorful flowers outside. However, Truman is more of a quiet soul with an adorable face and loves to please. Jade also shares their adventures in the park or at Doggypaddle, where they love to swim. She explains how they love getting attention and affection from little children, and are most relaxed at home. Jade always knows where to look for her furry friends: snoozing on the couch or basking in the sun. The young girl knows she can always rely on her canine siblings to make her laugh or comfort her when she’s sad.
“Dogs steal the hearts of their owners and want to be as close as possible to those they love the most, especially their family,” Baboolal says. “Our inseparable Labradors have provided my family with unforgettable moments and memories.”

Baboolal believes that pet owners will be able to relate to the crazy antics Jade and her family faces with the fun duo of Bamboo and Truman. He believes the stories will cause readers to think of their own pets fondly, and remember dogs have become an integral part to their family over the years.

When I opened the book and met Jade, I was instantly charmed. This little girl will steal your heart. I loved going along for the ride and listening to her share her life. She is very descriptive and very entertaining! The book is so well written, I can hear her bubbly voice and I can see the smiles on her face. She has quite the personality! The book is also beautifully illustrated and that really helped me connect with Jade and "the boys!" My favorite chapter was Christmas Comes Early. Those sneaky dogs reminded me of my youngest son, Sam! He's always sneaking away with something he shouldn't have! I laughed so hard as I pictured this family dealing with Bamboo and Truman!

Get your book on Amazon! You can also visit the Bamboo and Truman facebook page for more information, including pictures, home movies, and extracts of some of the illustrations of the book. How cool is that! Imagine reading the story and then playing a couple of home movies (featuring the stars of the book) for your children. That was a new experience for me and it made the story so much sweeter!

About the Author:
Rohan A. Baboolal earned his bachelor’s in business science finance from the University of Cape Town and qualified as a Chartered Accountant, before furthering his studies to become the holder of the Chartered Financial Analyst designation from the CFA Institute. He is currently a financial services partner at an assurance and advisory firm. He and his family have two Labradors, Bamboo and Truman, which were the inspiration for this book.

Disclosure: This is a compensated review but I was not required to provide a positive review. Opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

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