Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Culturelle Products For Kids!

 For the last few days, Sam has been taking Culturelle® KIDS! Packets. It's for children 25 to 50 lbs. Supporting kids' natural defense systems is important to promoting their overall health as well as helping to alleviate occasional digestive distress. Culturelle KIDS! Packets support a child's health by fostering the proper balance between good bacteria and the non-beneficial bacteria that resides in the gastrointestinal tract. Culturelle KIDS! Packets contain Lactobacillus GG, one of the most widely studied probiotic strains. It is demonstrated to survive harsh stomach acids to get where it's needed most in the intestines and is recognized as safe for regular use. Research has shown that Lactobacillus GG alleviates occasional digestive distress while supporting a child's natural defenses. Culturelle KIDS! Packets are easy to take, flavorless, and 100% dairy & gluten free. We mixed Sam's packet in a glass of cold milk. It mixed well and it didn't leave a sludge in the bottom of his cup. Sam can't taste it and he hasn't complained.

Logan has been taking Culturelle® KIDS! Chewables for children 50 to 100 lbs. It has a great berry flavor. He asks for his every morning. My kids haven't taken Culturelle long enough to see if it works, but then again, maybe they have and I just don't realize it. They have been tummy trouble free since they started taking it!

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