Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bee-Come! The New Collection of Short Stories that Inspires Children to Connect with Nature!

Recently, I was asked to tell you all about a very special book. ‘Bee-Come!’ is captivating insight into the important role that bees play in the interconnectedness and coexistence of Earth. Beautifully told through a collection of short stories about nature, children and the young at heart will view one of the planet’s most useful creatures in a positive new light. Tsehay Alemayehu’s book is brilliantly written and will touch the hearts of people of all ages! I read the publisher's preview. In the story, very important questions are asked and I feel that the book encourages children to think about their actions.
“The book focuses on the plight of bees, as well as showcasing the many benefits they bring to both mankind and out planet” says Tsehay, who wrote the book and is a firm supporter of nature’s role in the development of children’s education. She continues, “Through wisdom-rich stories and engaging illustrations I hope to make my contribution to the thousands who are already taking positive action to reverse the problems that bees face. Their coexistence on Earth is under huge risk.”
The book’s first story starts at a local London park, allowing children to emerge themselves in the stories from a perspective that they understand. As children progress through the book they are treated to stories steeped with education and entertainment; all with the aim of instilling a caring and respectful attitude towards the world they are living in.

“While it’s a children’s book at heart, I am finding that many adults are also finding inspiration from the stories. I think that everyone can learn to appreciate bees’ contribution to the balance of our ecosystem and biodiversity” Tsehay adds.
The author also used the book as an opportunity to connect readers with real-world action. In fact, the book provides a list of organizations that readers may want to learn about and even join, to do their bit for the conservation of bees as well as the integrity of overall nature.

Bee-Come! A Collection of Short Stories is available now, published by Balboa Press. It can be purchased from Amazon UK and directly from the publisher. For more information, please visit the book’s official website!

About the Author:

Tsehay Alemayehu is a Montessori teacher, writer, and firm supporter of nature's role in the development of children's education. She is the author of two other children's storybooks, Zeraf! and The Girl Who Smelled Like Orange. She grew up in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She now lives in the UK with her husband and their two children.

Disclosure: I was compensated to share this with my readers. I hope you will consider it for your beloved bedtime reading routine!

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