Monday, May 7, 2012


You know your kids, but do you really know them? How well do you know them? These are hard questions that you should ask yourself. uKnowKids is a "Parental Intelligence System" and I think it offers a lot of great ways to keep parents in the know. It's important for parents to know what's going on with their kids offline and online. With so many gadgets, how do you keep track of everything? While my own kids do not have phones and they do not have their own internet access, many parents do have children with phones, Facebook accounts, Twitter and more. I can only imagine what it's like to be bullied online. It's a real risk that can happen to any child. We all know there  have been horrible tragedies that have been the result of bullying, and many reputations have been ruined with a few pictures. Why not stop it early and protect your children before the problem starts? uKnowKids monitors Facebook, mobile and text messaging, location activity, most frequent contacts, recently added friends from social networking sites, slang/text lingo (I would be clueless with some of the language used today) and time of day posting. They can also monitor email messages. They offer tools to educate your child to help them make smart decisions. They can use GPS to track your child and also keep track of Facebook check-ins. uKnowKids Premier also monitors photos your child uploads and even photos your child is tagged in. I swear, this is the next best thing to always being there to look over their shoulders. While some may think this is an invasion, I would say it's better to be safe and educate your children about the dangers of being connected. If kids know they are being monitored, they will make smarter decisions. I wouldn't consider this tool a spy. I would consider it an insurance policy to keep your children safe. Check out uKnowKids to learn more!

Disclosure: I was compensated to write this post. All opinions expressed are mine.

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