Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Gourmet Salt Collections!

For years, I've wanted to smoke my own salt. I never got around to it and I'm not really sure how it would've turned out if I did. When I discovered The Spice Lab, I couldn't believe the varieties of salt they offered! I never knew there were so many varieties! They sent me an Aloha Gourmet Salt Collection which included 11 of the best tasting, hard-to-find salts in the world. I couldn't wait to try my favorite dishes "enhanced" with these delicious salts! This set would make a lovely gift for just about anyone. It's great for those that love to cook inside or on the grill. It's also great for those that love to bake. I made a few chocolate truffles and topped my prized treats with a few salty sprinkles and flakes. They were pretty and a few of the salts that I tried worked really well with the rich dark chocolate! The salt "holder" is made from reclaimed wood and it's a nice touch. It looks great on my counter! My holder was a little lighter than the holder pictured above. The set came with a reference card with detailed descriptions and suggestions on which salts go with which dishes, making it easy to create the perfect combination of flavors. I think it would have been nice to include a few recipes too. Since I've never used these before I was a little overwhelmed! After I used the salts a few times I was much more comfortable. I've found that I use less salt when I use my "special" salts! My favorite is the Hawaiian Hickory Smoked Sea Salt. I've used it on chicken, steaks and burgers. I also love the pinks and gray. They have a really nice flavor! Each salt variety smells amazing and they are bursting with flavor! I have narrowed my wish list to three collections, but I really want to try them all!

Salts Included in The Aloha Collection:.

Hawaiian Pink Passion (Fine) Sea Salt - Hawaii USA

Hawaiian Bamboo Jade Sea Salt (Hanalei Green) (Fine) - Hawaii USA

Hawaiian Black Lava (Kilauea) (Fine) Sea Salt - Hawaii USA

Hawaiian Red Alaea (Fine) Sea Salt - Hawaii USA

Hawaiian Gray Lava Sea Salt (Coarse) - Hawaii USA

Hawaiian Pink Sunset Sea Salt (Coarse) - Hawaii USA

Hawaiian Cabernet Sea Salt (Coarse) - Hawaii USA

Hawaiian Balsamic Sea Salt (Coarse) - Hawaii USA

Hawaiian Koloa Rum Sea Salt (Coarse) - Hawaii USA

Hawaiian Hickory Smoked Sea Salt (Coarse) - Hawaii USA

Hawaiian Guava Wood Smoked Sea Salt

The Collections are housed in Pyrex test tubes with all-natural cork stoppers. You can also buy refills. The Spice Lab has a lot of great products! I'm going to order a salt plate soon. I've heard wonderful things about them and I want to try cooking on one!
Disclosure: I was sent this set in order to complete this review.

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