Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ceramcor Unveils New Silicone Bakeware / Food Storage Collection

 I hate my storage containers. I have a cabinet just them. I don't have a lot of cabinet space, so this is a huge sacrifice. I dig through everything when I need a container and I can never find a lid when I finally decide on a container. I have the same problem with my baking dishes and I've dedicated two cabinets just for them. I have baking dishes precariously perched on top of other dishes. It's beyond cluttered. Unfortunately, I need everything I have! Heaven help the person that pulls out a drawer faster than they should. I think a few broken toes or a shattered dish would be inevitable. At home chefs like me, who constantly struggle to find space to accommodate their baking dishes and storage containers, will rejoice with the introduction of the new eco-friendly Fridgex line from Ceramcor. This collection of silicone bakeware / food storage pieces provides the same oven to table versatility, stick-resistance surfacing and chemical-free fabrication its manufacturer, Ceramcor, is famous for, but with some added bonuses. All of the Fridgex sets are foldable, nestable and collapsible so they tuck away nicely into confined spaces. Plus, the line comes in vibrant hues like lime green and cherry red to liven up kitchen décor. 
Made from all-natural, derived-from-the-earth silicone, the Fridgex product line is inert and non-reactive. It is also non-toxic to both humans and the environment as well as recyclable. As a result, eco-conscious chefs can feel good about both owning and using it.  The foldable and nestable / stackable Fridgex makes for easy storage while providing consumers with the same functionality of heavier, bulkier bakeware and storage pieces. The collection is conventional oven and microwave safe up to 430° F, yet because it cools down quickly, it moves to the table and refrigerator and freezer with ease. It is also easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher and will not chip, break, rust or stain.  For added peace of mind, Fridgex carries the FDA’s stamp of approval for both baking and storing food. What’s more, Fridgex’s non-stick surface is both BPA and PVC free, and it does not retain any food odors over time. All of this adds up to not only a better cooking experience but also a better eating experience.  The Fridgex collection includes a 6-piece round storage set ($49.99), 6-piece rectangular storage set ($37.99), 8-piece 7oz mini storage set ($24.99) and a 4-piece Tomato and Onion set ($24.99).
For more information on and/or to purchase the Fridgex by Ceramcor line of silicone bakeware and food storage pieces, please visit http://www.ceramcor.com/

About Ceramcor
Ceramcor’s founder brings 23 years in the glass ceramics business to the corporate helm.  The company manufactures the Xtrema line of high-temperature ceramic cookware with the versatility to go on top of the stove, under the broiler, in the dishwasher and in the refrigerator/freezer. The skillets, woks, steamers, saucepans and saucepots Ceramcor produces surpass the cooking performance and benefits of their competition. The company’s vision is to make its Xtrema products the healthiest ones on the market for both its customers and the planet. Ceramcor also strives to develop the safest and most versatile cooking alternative versus metal and PTFE-coated non-stick cookware. Check them out!

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