Saturday, May 5, 2012

Breeding In Captivity

I'm of the mindset that women should stick together. It's the only way to accomplish something big. After learning more about Jessica Caris, I'm sticking behind her as she paves the way for other moms going through horrible life changing events. I am often inspired by women that fight back and open the world's eyes about issues they face. Allow me to introduce Jessica Caris. She went through the traumatic and rare experience of divorcing while pregnant and with a toddler in tow. My heart goes out to her. In order to stay sane and pay for her mounting legal costs, she wrote her debut novel Breeding in Captivity. That's an amazing accomplishment, considering all she had on her plate. When she went through this unique experience, there was nothing available, fiction or non-fiction, to address the emotions, legal and custodial issues of divorcing while pregnant. It's a scary world full of unknowns. When you don't have knowledge, you don't have control. She took matters into her own hands and decided to write one of her own. Miraculously, it was picked up by a top literary agent and is available for sale on outlets like Amazon, iPad and Kindle. Instead of reading a stuffy how-to book, we have the opportunity to be taken into an actual story that we can learn from! Personally, I believe this novel will touch many parents, single or married. Maybe we will all be able to relate to the character in the novel. I'm looking forward to reading it!
Breeding will be in print shortly and you can read a synopsis available now on Amazon. Jessica's true story takes place in tony Del Mar, CA and Manhattan. While many female authors have written funny, upmarket, “Sex-in-the-City-esque” novels (Devil Wears Prada, In Her Shoes, etc.), few have dared to cast the lead character a single mother, let alone one who is about to give birth to her second. While the circumstances are dark, this book’s voice is fresh, inspirational and funny and leaves all women, single, married, young or old, feeling stronger in their own standing. In a down economy, readers will also enjoy the books Riches-to-Rags roller coaster.

In her novel, Jessica touches on :

Divorcing While Pregnant

Single Mother Hood

Why she was inspired to set her novel in SD’s North County

Infertility/Longing to have children at a later age


Difficult moments (when strangers asked how excited “we” were and patted her tummy, having their water shut off and baby wipe bathing, breastfeeding in her lawyer’s conference room, giving birth alone, etc.)

The message she’d most like to get across, especially with some of the unkind messages out there (Rep. Santorum’s) is: we ARE families too, and strong, whole and happy ones! I couldn't agree more. I wish you the best Jessica!

Disclosure: Although compensated for this post, I expressed my own opinions. Check it out!

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