Monday, May 21, 2012

Add Some Sparkle!

 I wanted something different for our party this year. I asked Sparklers R Us if they would send sparklers for our party and they did! I LOVED the cake sparklers! They were easy to use. I placed one in their cake and my husband lit it very easily. The kids thought it was so cool having a flame shoot up out of their cake instead of traditional birthday candles. It lasted quite a while (around a minute maybe?) We were all in awe! (You're not supposed to use these indoors, FYI) My husband lit the cake sparkler before I could stop him. We were going to take the cake outside to get the photo shots! I was happy to see that the cake sparklers didn't drop any ash and they didn't smoke in the house.
 I took a lot of great photos for their birthday photo books. It was really unique and hopefully we can do it again next year! We also received 20 inch sparklers! We had a blast with these. Adults and children played into the night, laughing and having fun. It was one of the best evenings ever and the sparklers made it extra special! The sparklers would be ideal for weddings, July 4, and other holidays! They are reasonably priced and make any event a little more special!
Disclosure: Sparklers were sent for this feature.

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