Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Safe when we’re away

I appreciate the guest post, Jewel Rodgers

It seems like there are a good few options for Home Security Systems to consider. I am not all that sure what the difference is between each service and provider. All I know is that a single dead bolt lock is not the ideal when we are home so little and do not live in the safest neighborhood. I have wanted to get a security system installed at our house for a while now. My husband has stalled. I am not sure exactly why, but he just is not that crazy about the idea. I think he is just seeing it as an inconvenience instead of something that will be helpful for us. I understand the way he feels, but really it will be a huge benefit for us. We are always concerned about people getting into the house or house security when we are out of town. It is hard to relax on vacation sometimes when all you can think about is whether your house is safe or not. I am not sure if everyone worries about that, but we definitely have. Honestly, I think I will be relieved once we have the system set up.

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