Monday, April 9, 2012

Caroline's Cakes!

 When I plan a birthday party for my kids, the cake usually comes to mind before anything else. I have always picked out special birthday cakes for my kids. I've spent hours at a bakery picking out a design, and I've spent days putting one together myself. This year, I was browsing online birthday cakes and I discovered Caroline's Cakes. These cakes reminded me of my grandmother's cakes. She made seven layer cakes for my birthday as long as she could. They're a lot of work to make! I missed them terribly. Sam had never experienced this southern treat! For Logan, it's been a while and I didn't think he remembered them. When Caroline's Cakes agreed to send a  Southern Chocolate Birthday Cake for our special birthday bash, I was thrilled!
 The cake arrived in a tin. I placed it in the freezer without peeking. I was afraid to take any chances! On the day of our party, I opened the red tin. The cake was wrapped well and the icing was gorgeous. Removing all the wrapping, I expected some damage to occur and I was happy to find that the cake was perfect as I placed it on my cake plate! The colorful chocolate dots were perfect for brightening our celebration! I couldn't wait to cut into it! The cake itself was moist and light. The Chocolate Ganache was yummy and generously spread between the layers! It was thick and rich and I could eat a bowl of it! The Vanilla Buttercream was creamy and light. It wasn't nearly as sweet as mine, which was great because it balanced the rich, sweet ganache! It didn't leave a film in your mouth like some buttercreams either.
The nine inch cake serves between 14-20 guests. There were a lot of oohs and ahhs from our guests as we cut into it to reveal the layers. While this cake wasn't quite like my grandmothers (she used this chocolate icing that she poured over her cakes) it took me back to those moments when I enjoyed her cakes and all the effort she put into them. My grandmother attended the party this weekend. We had two cakes at the party. At Logan's request, I made chocolate cake. I couldn't refuse my birthday boy! Did either of them try the cake I made? No. They wanted the seven layer cake. Who could blame them? They both loved it! My grandmother really enjoyed her slice and it brought back wonderful memories for her.  Caroline's Cakes are special and deserve to be a part of family traditions. I hope one day, my children will remember this amazing party and this very special cake. Maybe one day they'll order one for their kids! Visit Caroline's Cakes online and order a cake for your special day. I'm tempted to order their Caramel Cake for my brother's birthday later this year! It's his favorite, and I couldn't think of a better gift!
Disclosure: I was sent a cake in order to complete this review. No monetary compensation received. I hope you'll consider making Caroline's Cakes a tradition!

P.S. To my dear husband...this (or even this) is what I want for my birthday!

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