Friday, March 2, 2012

Rubber Mulch

We use wood chips for landscaping. We also use it in the kid's playground area. When we renew, we need two pallets of mulch delivered. Ideally, we would replace the mulch once a year, but that is really expensive. I've been thinking about switching to rubber mulch. It's an investment, but I think it would be worth it. Rubber Mulch ships nationwide. They create their product by using recycled tires. I would use it as a landscape mulch and mulch for the playground. It would be better than wood chips, in my opinion. My youngest loves to pick up the larger pieces of wood mulch and throw them! I also think that it would be better for cushioning a fall. I need a safer option!
Since it's made to last a lifetime, it would eliminate a lot of work! The rubber mulch calculator on their site is great for calculating how much you need. I like rubber mulch because it comes in great colors! It never decomposes and it fights weed growth. it's also odorless and non-toxic! It doesn't attract insects and I don't have to worry about my investment blowing away! Check out Rubber Mulch and get a quote! They offer a low price guarantee!

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