Sunday, March 25, 2012

Medicare Supplement Insurance

As a nurse, I've worked with many patients who were anxious about paying for medical coverage. Some of those patients had Medicare and they were on strict budgets. Before I worked in healthcare, I was under the assumption that Medicare took care of everything. It doesn't. Trying to come up with the money  for things that aren't covered can be stressful, especially when you can't really afford to pay for all those expensive medications and medical care. I've seen family members struggle and I've seen Medicare patients make difficult choices. I recommend getting supplemental insurance whenever possible. It gives you peace of mind, knowing your out-of-pocket expenses will be manageable. Free quotes are available and you can get Medicare Supplement Insurance that won't break the bank. You may not even need a medical exam! 

At, you will find a lot of helpful information. There are several options to explore and you can click on Medicare to find out general information along with information on coding and appeals, which can help empower you! I couldn't believe there was so much information at one site. It's all broken down into categories and it's easy to find what you need. Best of all, it's easy to understand! I'm saving this site to my favorites. Since I have some experience in coding and billing, it seems family members are always turning to me for answers. Now, I refer them to this site and they can get the answers they need! At least I know they will be getting accurate information and taking control!

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