Saturday, February 25, 2012

Theo Chocolate- The Classic Collection

 I love a great chocolate bar and I really love an organic fair trade chocolate bar. Maybe it's me, but organic chocolate tastes richer and more intense. A few weeks ago, I heard about Theo Chocolate and I wanted to know more. I requested a couple of bars to try. The first bar I tried was the Organic Fair Trade Orange Dark Chocolate Bar. I'm not the greatest fan or citrus and chocolate, and I wasn't in a great hurry to try it, but I appreciate new experiences! I was pleasantly surprised by how well this 70% dark chocolate complimented the tangy citrus flavor of the orange. I also appreciated the crispness of the orange flavor and I loved that it tasted natural and pure. While it wasn't my favorite of the two bars I tried, it was my favorite Orange Dark Chocolate bar!
 I couldn't tear open the Dark Chocolate Salted Almond Bar fast enough. I couldn't wait to savor the sweet and salty treat. It was love at first bite. Unlike other salty chocolates I've tried, Theo Chocolate has perfected the ratio of salt to chocolate, leaving my palate ready for more instead of being blinded by salt. The bar isn't overwhelmed by massive chunks of almond that get stuck in your teeth, which I loved. Both bars were Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free, and Vegan! Take a factory tour or shop Theo, and taste the difference! They are changing the definition of “quality” by uniting creative excellence that results in deliciously award-winning chocolate with their unwavering commitment to changing the way the cocoa industry conducts business. At Theo, they believe there is no luxury in products that benefit us today, while jeopardizing future generations ability to meet their needs. When you taste their chocolate you will experience our passion and integrity in every luscious bite. They promise, there is something for everyone from the adventurous “foodie”, to those seeking the simple comfort of a delectably creamy milk chocolate bar!

Disclosure: I requested samples in order to complete this review. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and no monetary compensation received.

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