Friday, February 24, 2012

Sage Spoonfuls!

I began making baby food when Sam was about six months old. I had a lot of fun, but I didn't have much guidance. I was unsure about so many things, especially when it came to seasoning my baby's food. When I stumbled across a mention about Sage Spoonfuls, I was intrigued. After receiving The Homemade Lifestyle Package, I quickly discovered how much I didn't know. My favorite part of the package is Liza Huber's "Sage Spoonfuls Book—Simple Recipes*Healthy Meals*Happy Babies." Hands down, it is the best baby food cookbook I've ever read! Liza covers all the basics. She gives you so much to think about (and it's not overwhelming) and she covers the essentials. I like her section on allergies and food intolerance and her attention to special diets. She covers her thoughts on the diet of preemies and my favorite part, herbs and spices! She offers a flavor profile for many herbs and she tells you what it pairs with and how to buy it! She also tells you what to avoid and talks you through infant choking and CPR. The "cookbook" portion is well planned and talks you through the tools you need, shopping, prepping, cooking, pureeing, serving, storing, and making combos. She also tells you how much puree to expect from fruits and veggies along with nutritional information! I really loved her Infused Water recipes! I never really though to give it to a baby!The package I received gives you everything you need to live a homemade lifestyle with ease and makes a wonderful baby shower gift! It includes:

"Sage Spoonfuls Book—Simple Recipes*Healthy Meals*Happy Babies", by Liza Huber

The Sage Mommy Tote – big, roomy, & convenient, for on-the-go moms

On-The-Go Cooler – perfect for visits and day trips

Freezer Pack – keeps your homemade baby food fresh and cold for up to 12 hours

Pocket Guide – learn about age-appropriate foods, foods to avoid, organics, infant CPR and more

Immersion Blender and Food Processor – purees a month’s worth of baby food in just seconds!

12 BPA-free 4 oz Storage Jars with 60 Labels – make and store your baby’s food in large batches

2 Stackable Storage Trays

All products are BPA, Lead, Phthalate and PVC free!

The Immersion Blender and Food Processor are easy to use and really easy to clean. The stackable storage trays are great when you are working in a small space or you want to keep everything together.

I found the kit to complete and I couldn't think of one item I'd add, if given the chance. Shop now and find the perfect set or buy the ultimate baby food cookbook! If you don't think you can cook or if you are intimidated by cooking or making baby food, this kit should make the difference. Before you know it, you'll be donning an apron and cooking like a pro. Your baby's little chubby cheeks will thank you!
Disclosure: I received the set in order to complete this review. No monetary compensation received.

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jaisymarshal said...

I totally agree with you ,after being a baby it is too difficult to make food. I have no idea about this kind of equipments for babies. I like your all ideas to make baby healthy.

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